Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Second Biggest Interview Question……

Why do you want to work here????

This is the make or break question and how you answer it is critical in you getting a job offer.  However, there is an underling theme here.  The company still wants to know what you can do for them and how you can add value.

You must be positive in your answer and you must communicate your passion for this position.

You want to break down your answer into three parts.

1.     Admire the company

2.     Learning

3.     Add Value

What do you admire about the company?  Values, Entrepreneurship, Financials, Products, People, Mission Statement, Reputation, etc.

What will you learn? Opportunities for growth, develop current skills, building something very special,

How I can add value? “Job specific needs”, Add clients, Automation, Expertise, Solve a Problem, I can bring X, etc.

Ex.  I’ve admired XYZ Company for a long time.  You have a 1st class organization. Your company values are something I really believe in.  I’m excited about being part of a winning team that I can continue to grow and build something very special.  I believe I can add value immediately by adding clients and as I just learned, I can contribute with the automation of your sales database as well. 

You don’t get hired based on an interview.  However, you won’t get hired based on a poor interview!


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