Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Five Parts of the Face to Face Interview

1.       Arriving at the interview- Give yourself enough time, you can wait in the parking lot. But don’t walk in until, 8-10 minutes before your schedule interview.  Greet everyone with a smile, be respectful, leave your cell phone in the car, sit up straight, and look confident!

2.       Small talk- When you meet the interviewer, look them in the eye and give a firm handshake. When they ask… “How are you…?”  You say you are FANTASTIC!  I am very excited to meet you; this is the highlight of my week!

3.       Interviewer asks questions- You will get the “Tell me about yourself question…?” Behavioral based questions… “Tell me about a time when….?” And maybe situational based questions… What would you do if…?”

4.       You ask the questions- Have 4-5 questions ready.  Ideally, ask question that shows you were listening and shows your strengths.  Ex.  It sounds like you are looking for a strong Sales Manager who can also automate your data base, is that correct? I would really like to work for you, what do you think? *Always ask for their business cards!

5.       Follow Up- After the interview, send an e-mail thank you to everyone you interviewed with that day.  You also want to send hand written thank you cards ASAP.

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