Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The three parts of the hiring decision…

1)      Do you have the minimum requirements for the position and what additional value do you bring to the role?

2)      Can they afford you?  Are you going to be happy with the total compensation package?

3)      Do they like you?  People hire people they like.  Most often, the most qualified doesn’t get the offer.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is the best way to prepare for a Behavioral Based Interview?

Behavioral based interviews are based on the theory that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

·         Identify the core competencies for the position.  You can pick these up in the job description and company’s values/ mission statement.

·         Think about your strongest accomplishments in each of these competencies.

·         Prepare stories to explain your accomplishments.  Be concise and complete with your answers. 

·         Keep your stories to 2-3 minutes.

·         Use the acronym STAR (Situation/ Task, Action, and Result)

·         Be positive and show enthusiasm.  Make your nonverbal communication support your stories.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What is your single most significant accomplishment in your career up to this point?

This is a Behavioral Based Interview Question.   You need to answer the question using the STAR acronym method.

Situation/ Task



1)      Start with “The accomplishment that I am most proud of is……”

2)      The Situation or Task was…….”

3)      The Action I took was…. “Here is how I approached it….”Note:  They are hiring you, not we.

4)      The Results were…. Ex. saved $, made $, quality, productivity, etc.

Your answer should be around 3 minutes long depending on how many follow up questions you get from the interviewer.



Thursday, June 4, 2015

Questions not to ask on an interview….

Until you receive a job offer, the focus should be on what “value” you can bring to the employer.  It’s not about you and your wants!  Anything that would be of value to you, don’t ask.  Such as the following:

·         Salary/ Bonus/ Commission

·         Travel

·         Vacation/ Paid Time Off

·         Work from Home

·         Medical Benefits

·         Work Hours

·         Next appraisal

·         Tuition Reimbursement

·         Promotion Opportunities

·         Other perks…