Sunday, January 31, 2016

The top 5 questions to ask on an interview:
By asking great questions, you will separate yourself on an interview! 

1.       What are you looking for in a person for this position?

2.       What would success look like in a year?

3.       It sounds like you are looking for someone that can ……………. Is that correct?

4.       Do you have any reservations about me as the person for this position?

5.       I would love to be a part of your team and I want this position.  What do you think?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

12 Steps to getting a Coaching Interview


1.       Have a plan- Where do you want to Coach? What are your skills? What can you do better than someone else? Where can you add value to a program?

2.       Make a list of all your coaching jobs & relevant experience, then list what you were responsible for in each position and what you accomplished.

3.       If you don’t have experience, volunteer!  Everyone loves free labor!

4.       Resume needs to be a summary of what you were responsible for & what you accomplished and only 1 page. Ex. As the Offensive Coordinator, increased yards per game by 42%, from 290 to 415.

5.       Marketing Plan- Target 20-30 schools. Notify everyone that you are looking for a new opportunity.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed.  Network!!! 70% of all jobs are filled through networking. Be clear in what you are looking for.

6.       Create a LinkedIn Profile with a professional picture; keep it consistent with your resume. Your heading needs to say that you are currently pursuing opportunities as an …… (Look at other profiles of coaches in your field).

7.       Create business cards with your LinkedIn address on it, your new title and your skills.

8.       Network with AD’s, other coaches, Principles, Presidents, groups, friends, alumni, associations, old coaches, and former Student-Athletes. Pick up the phone and start calling!

9.       Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn and keep references separate from your resume.

10.    Update your references & get letters of recommendations.

11.   Cover letter -your cover letter needs to be personal and tailored to each job you apply. State when you will follow up and do so!

12.   Create a Job Search Productivity Chart. Go after your target schools and track your progress. Most openings aren’t posted to the public. Mail or hand deliver your resume. Getting a job is a FT job!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Second Biggest Interview Question……For Coaches

Why do you want to coach here????

This is the make or break question and how you answer it is critical in you getting a job offer.  However, there is an underlying theme here.  The school still wants to know what you can do for them and how you can add value.

You must be positive in your answer and you must communicate your passion for this position.

You want to break down your answer into three parts.

1.      Admire the school

2.      Learning

3.      Add Value

What do you admire about the school?   Program, Academics, Student-Athletes, People, Reputation, Leadership, Facilities, Commitment, etc.

What will you learn?  Opportunities for growth, develop current skills, building something very special, realize my full potential, etc.

How I can add value?  “Job specific needs”, Graduation Rates, Add Boosters, Develop Student Athletes, Expertise, Solve a Problem, I can bring a winning viewpoint, etc.

Ex.  I’ve admired XYZ School for a long time.  You have a 1st class organization. Your Schools values are something I really believe in.  I’m excited about being part of a (winning) team that I can continue to grow and build something very special.  I believe I can add value immediately by implementing my training program and as I just learned, I can contribute with the fundraising as well. 

You don’t get hired based on an interview.  However, you won’t get hired based on a poor interview!