Sunday, May 3, 2015

Salary Question…

Hold Out Example #1

Interviewer: "Mr. Smith, what salary are you seeking?

Candidate: "Well, Mr. Jones, there are two reasons why I'm here today. I would be foolish to try and deny that money is important. But financial considerations are secondary to securing the right job with the right company. I'm more interested in challenge and opportunity. So far, I am very impressed with what I see here. If you feel the same way about me, than I would be willing to consider your strongest offer if you are prepared to make me a job offer."

Hold Out Example #2

Employer: ―Ms. Johnson, we are impressed with your credentials and would like you to be a contributing member of our team. What kind of salary do you have in mind?

Candidate: ―Mr. Thompson I am truly flattered, thank you.  I am very interested in this position and know we can work well together. In fact, I know I can produce outstanding results. With that said, is there a salary range for this position?

 Final Thoughts on Salary Negotiation

 Don‘t demand; negotiate professionally and in a friendly manner

  Be optimistic, personable, and respectful

  Emphasize value and ability to produce results; note past achievements

  Have faith in the research that was performed. Good intelligence seldom fails to produce quality results

 ―Need plays no part in the negotiation. Employers do not compensate employees because employees need to feed their families. They are compensated because they can produce results. ―Need should never enter the discussion.

 Know if / when it‘s time to walk away. If an offer is made that is unacceptable, job candidates must know what that ―unacceptable number is… and then be prepared to walk away in a professional and dignified manner.

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