Monday, May 9, 2016

12 Steps to getting a Job Offer


1.     Be prepared- do your research on the company and the interviewer (Website, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Mission Statement, etc.).

2.    Practice your stories on your personal brand- How you can add value to the company? Video yourself answering questions.

3.    Phone Interview- Stand up, Smile, have your notes, have the interviewers LinkedIn profile handy.

4.    Face to Face Interview- Dress to impress, bring extra copies of your resume, references, etc.

5.    Arrive 10 minutes early-smile and be professional to everyone you meet.

6.    Strong Confident Body Language- firm handshake, sit up straight, no perfume/ cologne, minimal jewelry, smile, energy & enthusiasm!

7.    Give examples- tell stories on how you reduced costs, improved efficiencies, made money.

8.    Behavioral Based Interview: STAR- Situation or Task, Action that you took, Results.

9.    Ask great questions- you only get 3-5, make them count! Ex. What would success look like in a year?  What would be my biggest challenges? Do you have any reservations about me in this position? I want to be a part of your team, what do you think? What keeps you up at night?

10.  If you want the job, ask for it!

11.  Get their business cards and thank them for the opportunity.

12.  Follow up by e-mail & hand written thank you cards. People hire people they like J!


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